Alex Sangsuwangul

Youth Instructor: Flying Squirrels, Pathfinders & Providers Club

  • Wilderness First Responder, CPR and First Aid Certification
  • Wilderness Immersion Apprenticeship, Maine Primitive Skills School
  • Bachelor's Degree in Communication, Purdue University
  • USA Archery Level 1 Instructor
  • 10 years experience coaching youth soccer


Alex grew up in Indianapolis, spending time fishing, watching the birds, frogs, and other wildlife around the pond in his backyard.  He loved being outside and playing.  Alex would go on hikes to the local duck pond and enjoy observing the wildlife in the area.  Alex loved to play soccer and be outside in nature.

After high school, Alex attended Purdue University and received his bachelor’s degree in communication, advertising and public relations.  During school, Alex became involved with a local soccer club, FC Indiana.  Alex went on after school to work for the club, he played semi-professional soccer and coached youth soccer for 10 years.

As he was coaching and playing, another passion continued to grow, nature connection.  Alex took an ancestral journey to Thailand, where his father is from, to explore his ancestral roots.  He connected with the Karen people, the indigenous people of northern Thailand.  It was a profound experience seeing the mountain regions of northern Chiang Mai.  He saw the mountain forests, the village chicken coops, gardens of spices, vegetables, rice fields, fish ponds, fruit trees, and local coffee plants which supported the Karen people.  He connected with one of the elders, Joni Odochao, of the Karen village of Ban Nong Tao.  Joni shared many stories and wisdom from the Karen people.  One of the keys Joni shared was the importance for all people to connect with and at times to surrender to nature in their place.   Alex’s experience seeing the simpler, slower, and nature connected lifestyle of the Karen people had a deep impact.

After returning from Thailand, Alex had a strong experience with the total solar eclipse of 2017 that further deepened his nature connection journey.  He went on to apprentice at the Maine Primitive Skills School wilderness immersion program with Mike Douglas, who was a student of Tom Brown Jr.   He lived in a tent out in the woods, living closer to the land, learning ancestral skills in the sacred order of survival, shelter, water, fire and food from the landscape.

“I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to make the journeys I have made to deepen my connection with nature and learn ancestral skills.  I am honored to be able to bring back the lessons and stories of my journeys to share here in my hometown, Indianapolis.  Connecting with nature provides me healing, reflection, and community on my life journey.”