Gregory Monzel

Herbalism & Youth Instructor

  • Northeast School of Botanical Medicine
  • 4-Season Intensive with Herbalist Jim McDonald
  • 4-Season Intensive with Herbalist Margi Flint
  • Officer for Indiana Chapter of the American Herbalists Guild


Greg Monzel is a practicing herbalist connecting people with plants in Indianapolis, Indiana. Greg grew up close to nature: hunting mushrooms and wildlife, foraging wild foods, fishing and canoeing, and organic gardening in his youth. His interest in healing plants was spurred by personal experience using fresh pineapple to treat recurrent bouts of strep throat in his teens. During a transformative wilderness experience at age 19, Greg gathered and successfully employed his first wild plant medicine, beginning the path to becoming an herbalist.

In 2007, Monzel completed a 450 hour community herbalism intensive at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine in Ithaca, NY, where he studied plant identification, wildcrafting, botanical medicine-making, and clinical skills with his mentor, 7song. The following year, Greg began offering edible and medicinal plant walks, health consultations, and handcrafted herbal products.

He expanded in 2009 to offer classes and workshops on botanical medicine and healing foods. In 2013, he studied with herbalist jim mcdonald in his four season herbal intensive in southeast Michigan, and herbalist Margi Flint in 2014, expanding his understanding of energetic herbalism and clinical skills. Greg is dedicated to life-long learning and the practice of botanical medicine, regularly attending professional conferences and serving as an officer for the Indiana chapter of the American Herbalists Guild.

In related work, Greg has extensive experience in natural foods and organic horticulture. In horticulture, he has worked as an orchard hand, organic farm manager, native plants landscaper, and permaculture gardener, and is certified in permaculture design. His varied work in retail natural foods management culminated in the launch of Pogue’s Run Grocer, the first retail food cooperative in Indianapolis, where Greg worked as the first general manager. Monzel is also a husband and father.