Jennifer Breschini

Youth Instructor: Healers Club



    Jennifer is a Clinical herbalist trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Herbology, Medical Qigong, Ayurvedic Medicine, nutrition, as well as Homeopathy and Flower Essences.  She grew up in the countryside of a small town in Colorado where she was immersed in the wild landscape of the Rocky Mountains where she spent much time exploring the mountains, streams, and forests.  Her family was deeply focused on self sufficiency and this is where her love of gardening and plants was sparked as a child.  She has always kept this passion, and regardless of where she has lived, has always had a garden large or small.  She currently has most of her property converted into numerous gardens where she raises most of her family’s vegetables and fruits as well as many of the herbs used in her clinic.
    Jennifer’s herbal journey began over 25 years ago as a personal quest to find answers to her own unexplainable health problems.  She was as an apprentice for many years with a Naturopathic Doctor and during this time received an extensive education about using dietary nutrition as the foundation of vibrant health.  She specialized her educational focus during these years on Traditional Peoples’ diets from around the world and how their health and longevity was impacted in return.   In 2015 after receiving a head injury in an accident that would not resolve with her current training, she again went out to seek answers and this time was brought to Traditional Chinese Medicine which provided the answers and relief she was seeking.  Wanting to assist others in the way she was helped, she decided to go back to school full time at the Hsin Fa School of Herbal Medicine where she completed 2-1/2 years of training for her certification as a Clinical Herbalist as well as gaining extensive training in Chinese Trauma Medicine and Medical Qigong.  She has also been continuing to expand her herbal education at East West School of Planetary Herbology and is in the final year of their 4 year Clinical Herbalist program where she is being trained by Michael and Leslie Tierra on how to be a Planetary Herbalist; one who is able to merge the plants and knowledge of Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine and Western Herbology into their clinical practice. 
    Jennifer has a deep passion to help those in our community resolve their own health challenges as she was able to do for herself, and now works full-time in her business, Balanced Life Healing Center, as a clinical herbalist.  She supports each one of her clients with rebalancing their health with customized herbal formulas along with extensive education about restorative diet and lifestyle. She is also passionate about being a self-sufficient herbalist and so makes most of her clinic’s needed herbal formulas and products and also supplies her clinic’s extensive apothecary with many herbs that she has foraged locally or grown herself.