Matt Smith

Primitive Skills Instructor

  • Founder and lead instructor of Aegis
  • Assistant Tracker Mexican Wolf Reintroduction program on the White Mountain Apache Reservation
  • Primitive Hunting Instructor at Rabbitstick Rendevoux
  • Wilderness Survival Program Development for University of Utah


Matt Smith is a practitioner of primitive technology, practical survival and tracking. At an early age Matt was inspired by the ecosystems and natural wonder of the continental divide. This inspiration led him to pursue a deep connection with the natural world. Matt’s areas of expertise are in high speed survival, primitive big game hunting, tracking, wilderness evasion and the psychology of survival. Many years of full immersion in these skill sets led him to command over these areas of practice. Matt is especially influenced by the natural history and native culture of the American southwest.

Matt spent many years in the backcountry of Utah as a Wilderness Therapy instructor. Matt discovered how powerful primitive technology could be as an intervention into the lives of at risk youth. Often, Matt has been called on to apply primitive tracking and trailing techniques to recover “running” students. Matt considers the 4 years he spent living out of his Toyota Tacoma in full immersion to be most valuable to his development as an instructor. Matt has been privileged to have been involved in many applications of these skills such as the Mexican Wolf re-introduction into the White Mountain Apache reservation in Arizona. Matt has taught for many organizations and at many gatherings such as Rabbitstick Rendezvouses in Idaho. Matt pioneered a program for the University of Utah and has also instructed for onPointTactical in high speed survival, wilderness evasion and primitive big game hunting. Matt is always humbled and appreciative of people entrusting him with their passion for learning. He maintains the belief that it is his obligation to honor the privilege of instructing these sacred skills.