Matt Shull

Founder, Lead Instructor

  • Graduate of John Young Wilderness Awareness School, 4 Year Program
  • Long term student of Tom Brown School
  • 20 years of experience
  • First Aid Certified


Matt began his naturalist training as a child with his Grandfather, accomplished and published entomologist Ernie Shull. Ernie spent 20 years in Northern India in the foothills of the Himalayas, where his skills as a tracker, hunter and naturalist saved many lives. Matt’s father, Daniel, was born and raised in the remote jungles of India, where the top predators grew to 10 ft long and roamed freely throughout the region. Fortunately for Matt the deep ecological wisdom of baseline and alarm was preserved and passed on.

After years of traumatizing public school immersion, Matt hit the road with his backpack. For the next 20 years, carrying as little as possible, he would travel the world. Throughout the Rocky Mountains, the Himalayas of Nepal, the great Sahara of North Africa, to the very jungles of North India where his Father was born, he would journey, seeking teachers, mentors, villages and friends.

Matt would spend a year in a primitive hogan he built in the Rainforests of the Pacific Northwest. He would spend a year hiking through the deserts and mountains of the Pacific Crest Trail and he would spend 5 years completing the Kamana Naturalist Training Program.

Matt’s obsession with aboriginal technology would never waver. Pushing his skills as a survivalist and artist he seeks and approaches mastery of fire by friction, traditional bow building, hide tanning, tracking, ethnobotany, and the deep awareness skills honed through an ascetic lifestyle. Having taught thousands of children, adults and elders, Matt’s greatest honor was being invited to teach traditional bow building to the Kootnei in Montana.

Designing rites of passage for himself and others is Matt’s deepest passion. His commitment to helping others find their gifts and live their vision is his life purpose.