Sacred Hunt

     (Small Game Weapons)


This September White Pine is expanding it's teen Shadow programming with a full immersion into the Sacred Hunt.  Four separate overnights, packed with step by step guidance in crafting and hunting with your own weapons. The full program will include comprehensive mentoring in all of the following:

  • All stages of reduction and fine tuning in their weapon of choice (throwstick, bow, atl-atl)
  • Tree sapling selection
  • Land caretaking decisions influencing the harvest
  • Archery, throwing form, shot execution
  • Conservation laws, licensing and seasons
  • Track and sign, trailing, biology and medicine bundles
  • Camouflage, stalking and ambush hunting
  • Field dressing, skinning, butchering and cooking

Students can enroll in one or two overnights to craft simpler weapons like throwsticks and atl-atls. Students wanting to complete a bow should attend all four overnights. All tools and materials will be provided. Bring snacks. We'll have camp food, including venison, available for cooking over the campfire and learning a variety of bushcooking methods.

For more information, check out our video on Sacred Hunt small game weapons here


Drop off is on Saturdays at noon. Pick up is on Sundays at 4 PM.    

Cost: $200 per class or $750 for all four classes

Class Dates

  • Sep 4-5
  • Sep 11-12
  • Sep18-19
  • Sep 25-26

Class size is limited to 10 students

This class will be as intense as the student is seeking. We also have lots of fun, i.e. foam arrow wars and night time Scout missions. (Prior woodworking experience is great but is not required)

This class is taught by White Pine's Founder and Shikari Matt Shull


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